Learn how to make HTML and XML sitemaps for your websites

This website is meant as an extremely quick lesson on how to get started.

For this, we will use our own webmaster tool named A1 Sitemap Generator as it comes with a 30 days free trial period.

The first version was released in 2005 to a limited group of people, and it has since then been in continuous development.

The program runs on all recent Windows versions. If using a virtualization solution, it can also run under Mac and Linux.

You can create all kinds of sitemap file kinds. However, some notable ones include text URL list, HTML, RSS/ROR, XML, video, image and mobile sitemaps.

To get started, download the software now:

Get it from CNET Download.com!

Program Versions and New Features

New versions of the A1 Sitemap Generator software are released all the time which include improvements in areas such as:

The "How to" Steps on Building Sitemaps

  1. Have the sitemapper tool crawl your website:
    • If you wish to create an image or video sitemp, click the "Quick presets..." button first.
      (The configuration presets available can be good for quickly setting up new projects, in particular for new users.)
    • Enter in your website address.
    • Click the "Start scan" button.
    • Wait until the website crawl has finished.

  2. Viewing results of the website scan:
    • If you need to solve broken links and redirects, this is where you do it!
    • This window will show you all website errors + where all URLs are linked to from.
    • URLs that "301 redirect" or "404 not found" are not included in generated sitemaps!

  3. Building the actual site map files:
    • Select the "Create sitemap" tab.
    • Select the sitemap file type to create and hit the "Build sitemap" button.

  4. If you want to create HTML sitemaps for your real life human visitors:
    • You can edit and change the HTML site map template before building your HTML sitemap.
    • Tip: You can "include" your generated sitemap file in another if you use SSI, PHP, ASP or similar.

  5. Upload your newly made image, video and standard XML sitemap files and submit them to e.g. Google Webmaster Tools.

More Information About A1 Sitemap Generator

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